The particles in my parrot's food are coloured differently. Why is this? Do the birds develop colour preferences?

Manufacturers of such foods have tried to enhance their appeal by replicating the colours of foods which normally appeal to parrots - so there are orange, yellow, red and green particles of food, although unlike the situation with some dog foods, these all contain the same ingredients. Even if your parrot appears to eat a higher proportion of yellow rather than red pellets for example, there is no need to worry as your pet will still be receiving maximum benefit from the food.

Parrots rarely show any distinct preference for a particular colour of pellet, probably because these all taste the same, whereas they clearly do have favourite seeds in a mix. The pellets are coloured with harmless vegetable dyes. Some birds do display distinct colour preferences however, particularly hummingbirds. This is why nectar drinkers sold for these birds, which are regular garden visitors in some parts of the USA, have a red tip at the spout, as feeding studies have revealed they prefer red flowers.