Would it be safe to offer walnuts to my African grey parrot?

Nuts of various types will make a very valuable addition to your pet's regular diet, in addition to fruit and vegetables. Many nuts are suitable, including walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and pecan nuts, but never offer salted nuts of any kind. A variety of suitable nuts can be bought from supermarkets or health food shops, but supplies can be seasonal. Althernatively, packaged kernels are available through most of the year.

African greys are usually able to crack the shells of most of these larger nuts without difficulty, but if your parrot refuses to do so, crack the shell and then offer him the nut, making it easier to extract the kernel from the shell. Alternatively, add some nut kernels directly to the food pot.

Opening hard-shelled nuts also provides an opportunity for parrots to exercise their bills, helping to prevent them from becoming overgrown. It also serves to keep a bird occupied when you are not around, so it will be less inclined to become bored as a result.