What type of set-up do day geckos require?
These colourful lizards (Phelsuma species) require an arboreal set-up, which incorporates plenty of branches, allowing them to climb around their quarters. Their enlarged toe pads also mean they can scamper easily up the sides of the vivarium, and it is very important their quarters are secure. Trying to catch an escaped day gecko in a room is a difficult pursuit!

As they are active during the day, so full spectrum lighting in the vivarium is essential, and both this and the heating should be safely screened, to avoid any risk of the geckos burning themselves. The temperature needs to be in the range of 25-28°C (77-82°F), and the interior should be sprayed regularly.

A variety of plants can be included, with mother-in-law's tongue (Sansevieria) being popular, because the geckos can move up and down these plants without difficulty. They are also easy to grow, although they must not be overwatered. Hollow lengths of bamboo securely fixed vertically or otherwise angled off the ground are also very important in a vivarium for these lizards, particularly as this is where females will often lay their eggs.