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Can you identify this animal?
Isn't this just one of the weirdest creatures that you've ever seen? No, it's not a new species though. It's actually a hairless form of guinea pig, which is now starting to become sought-after as a pet. These particular rodents were originally bred as laboratory animals, and although there have been concerns expressed about their immune system, they seem to be as healthy as other types of guinea pig.

Two distinctive types are now recognised in the pet field - the so-called skinny pig, which has a little hair evident on the extremities of its body, as in this case, plus the baldwin, which, as its name suggests, is completely bald. The absence of hair really does make these rodents look even more porcine in appearance! Their skin coloration is highly individual, just like the markings seen in guinea pigs with regular coats.

Both varieties are ideal as household pets, where they won't be exposed to the cold or at risk of suffering from sunburn, and you can easily obtain suitable indoor runs for these and other guinea pigs too. Their lack of coat also means they may prove to be hypoallergenic, so they could be more suitable for a home where one or more family members are allergic to pet hair, compared with ordinary guinea pigs.