Welcome to the World of Horses!

Although the focus here is mainly on horses and other equids, including ponies and donkeys, this section of the site is also where you can find information about other larger, unusual pet animals such as llamas.

Fact or fiction?

There is probably more folklore relating to horses than any other group of pets, with the possible exception of cats. Stories range from tales of ghostly horses to the abilities of horse whisperers to communicate directly with horses, persuading them to do their bidding.

Even the way in which the ancestors of modern horses died out unexpectedly in North America about 10,000 years ago is rather mysterious. Horses were then reintroduced to the continent as the result of European settlement, which began in the 1490s, and they played a vital role in pioneering the development of trails as settlers pushed west. Almost inevitably during this era however, some were abandoned or escaped and went feral, meaning that they reverted back to living and breeding in the wild. These wild horses then became known as mustangs and there are still herds of mustangs roaming the plains of North America today.

The fabled white horse

During the mid 1800s, stories spread about a fabulous white mustang who became known as the White Steed of the Prairies. As tales about this white stallion grew, so large sums of money were offered for his capture, but although many tried, none could outpace this fabulous creature, with some documented chases taking place over vast distances of countryside.

Indian legend suggested that this stallion was actually a ghost horse, but in reality, it is likely that there were in fact several such horses, with the legend merging them into one animal. The range of the White Steed of the Prairies was huge, with reports of sightings ranging from the Rocky Mountains down to the Rio Grande in Texas. Although sometimes seen in the company of mares, it was apparently more common for this stallion to be seen on its own. Part myth or reality ? No-one can be absolutely sure, because the elusive stallion remained free and untamed.