How should I train my puppy not to chew furniture and other household items?
The greatest likelihood of this type of damage occurring will be when the young dog is teething, typically up to six months of age. Try to distract your pet's attention elsewhere, by proving a good range of chews or bones which he can gnaw. Keep him occupied, and give him plenty of attention, playing with him, and then he will want to sleep.

Observation is also important, since a bored dog is more likely to behave in this way than one that has company. Encourage him to be with you when you are at home. If you have to leave your dog alone, do not allow him to roam around the home freely, which may result in significant damage. Instead, confine him in the kitchen for example, where least damage is likely to result.
It is also a good idea to exercise him first, so that he will be tired, and should hopefully sleep, at least for some of your absence.