Why has my dog started to chase after mountain bikers when we are out walking?
Presumably your dog sees this as a game, although it could be rather alarming for the riders, especially if he persists in barking and jumping up at them. It is obviously a difficult problem to deal with, because you cannot be sure when riders are likely to appear. The simplest solution may be to alter the route that you take when walking your dog, in the hope of avoiding them in the future.

Alternatively, keep your dog confined on a leash for a few weeks, in the area where the bikers are most likely to be encountered, and scold your dog if it then tries to chase after them. There are deterrent sprays that may help to distract and prevent your dog from behaving in this way.

It is important to keep your dog under control, because if it causes an accident, you could again be found to be legally responsible for its actions. This is why it is important to have adequate third party pet insurance for your dog. Many canine health care policies provide cover of this type, as may some household policies. Check with your broker if in any doubt.

Photo © donjd2