I found two of my cat's claws were on the carpet - will they grow back?

Although it looks as if your cat has lost two entire claws, you don't have to worry. Shedding of the claws in this way is actually quite normal. A cat will shed what has actually become an outer casing, covering a new, sharper claw beneath. If you look closely at your pet's toes, this should confirm that he is not missing any claws.

The risk of injury to the claws will be greater once your cat becomes elderly, as they are then more likely to become overgrown. Older cats are not as athletic at this stage in life, which is why they are less likely to use a scratching post to wear down the sharp tips of their claws.

As the claws start to become overgrown, so they will curl round at the ends. This means that your pet can easily become caught up in material such as its bedding or chair covers when it settles down to sleep, and may even encounter difficulty walking across the carpet as its claws become entangled in the material here.

The tips of the claws will then have to be trimmed back by your vet. Be very careful if you decide to try to do this yourself, because if you cut the claws too short, they will bleed and you also need a proper pair of clippers for this task. Scissors are likely to cause the nails to split, rather than cutting cleanly through