Can cats learn to walk on leash?

It is much easier to train them to do so from kittenhood. Older cats often dislike having to wear a harness and then resent being restrained by a leash attached to it. Cats are actually much less inclined to walk in this way than dogs, simply because of fundamental differences in their behaviour.

Dog will either walk or run, whereas cats tend to be more nervous by nature, looking to climb to a good vantage point if danger threatens. If this is not possible, so they can become aggressive. As a result, a cat on a leash is likely to roll over and attempt to free itself from the harness if frightened.

It will lash out with its claws and teeth if you try to pick it up at this stage, whereas a dog will simply bark and snarl, and so can be led away from possible conflict. Even so, it is possible to teach some cats to walk well on a leash, particularly Siamese that seem to take to this style of exercise more readily than most other cats.