How can I prevent our cat Gem from being upset by fireworks?

It's not just the bright flashes which can upset cats, but also the noise of fireworks. Be sure to lure your cat indoors well before the celebrations start therefore, and keep her in part of the house where visitors are not likely to let her out inadvertently.

Simply moving her bed here should mean that she soon goes to sleep, especially if you pick a reasonably warm spot near a radiator and feed her beforehand. Don't forget to draw the curtains, so that the bright flashes will shut out. A litter tray laid on several sheets of newspaper may also be advisable.

Also, bear in mind the likelihood that other people will be holding firework parties, particularly over the weekend, so try to keep Gem inside as far as possible. It can otherwise be very worrying if she disappears suddenly, as the result of being scared.

Try to leave a shed door open, with a bed so that she can retreat here if she becomes frightened while it is outdoors. Better still, keep your cat indoors overnight if at all possible, as this will be much safer for her.