Why does my boyfriend always get bitten by fleas off our cat but I never do?

There's no easy answer to your question, although it's quite common for this type of situation to arise! In theory, fleas will leap on to whoever is passing by when they hatch. It could simply be that your boyfriend sits in a chair favoured by your cat, or part of the room where fleas are more likely to be present, so increasing the likelihood of him being bitten.cat flea.

Cat fleas won't live permanently on people, but they can give rise to painful itchy swellings when they do bite, before leaping off again. There are some scents which it is known that fleas dislike - this is the basis of flea repellent collars for cats. You may be protected by perfume therefore, or possibly even a specific brand of deodorant.

There have been studies with mosquitoes which claimed that people with high levels of B vitamins in their blood were less likely to be bitten. Should a similar situation apply in the case of fleas, it might therefore be that your blood is less palatable to fleas than your boyfriend's.