Changing Blue Eyes

All kOdd-eyed whiteittens have blue eyes at first, and they will then start to acquire their adult eye colouration from around 12 weeks of age. Some cats with white or mainly white coats can ultimately end up with eyes of two different colours. One becomes a rich shade of blue, while the other eye is usually transformed to green, but it can be yellowish or even brown. In some cases, there may even be concentric yellow and green rings evident in the same eye. This even applies in the case of the hairless Sphynx (see above).

This condition is known as heterochromia, and occurs because of the way that the dark pigment, known as melanin, is distributed within the body while the kitten is developing in its mother's body. The end result does not affect the cat's vision in any way, but it may impact on its hearing! Cats with this condition can be deaf in the ear on the same side of the head as the blue eye. This is not a noticeable handicap though.