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Exo Terra's new range goes back in time!
Part of the fun of setting up a planted vivarium today is that you can now grow a wide range of living plants in these surroundings quite easily, creating the impression of a tropical jungle, but up until now, the choice of backgrounds has unfortunately been very limited.
The backdrop is a vital part of the overall design of the set-up though, because it effectively frames the planting and other decor in front. It also adds a sense of depth and perspective, drawing the eye to the rear of the enclosure.

It isn't often that significant advances occur in terms of vivarium design, and this is what helps to make the introduction of Exo Terra®'s new Aztec Terrarium range so exciting.

There's plenty of flexibility here as well. You can purchase the entire Aztec Terrarium in two different sizes, and also buy further items separately as well. The Mini/Tall design in this range measures 30x30x45cm (12x12x18in) while the Small/Tall unit is larger, being 45x45x60cm (18x18x24in) overall, with the unique backgrounds helping to providing more space for tree-dwelling occupants.

The source of the inspiration

The vivarium background has been inspired by the astonishing art and impressive relics that were left behind by pre-Columbian cultures in what is now Central America. Over the course of barely 200 years, the Aztec empire grew from just a nomadic tribe to the ruling empire in the valley of Mexico and beyond.
The legend goes that the place where the Aztecs built their capital was indicated by a sign of the gods: an eagle perched on top of a cactus, holding a snake. Aztec culture was strongly connected to nature, attributing supernatural powers to several animals.
The snake played an important role, representing fertility and abundance. Frogs, toads and amphibians in general symbolised earth and rain and were associated with water, fertility and agriculture.

On the other hand, eagles were considered supreme aerial predators: fearless, brave and daring. Religion was a vital aspect of Aztec culture and was characterised by a whole range of deities. To honour these gods, they raised impressive statues, created stunning relics and built magnificent temples.

A wide range of options

Exo Terra®'s Aztec Range allows you to create a mystical ancient Mesoamerican landscape (corresponding to a large area of today's Central America from Mexico southwards) in your enclosure.
The Aztec Terrariums and their associated components are inspired by the astonishing art and impressive remains that were left behind by pre-Columbian cultures.
You can revive and admire the magnificence of this lost civilisation in miniature by decorating your terrarium with one or more of the functional Exo Terra® Aztec items!

These objects are ideal in set￾ups for a wide range of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, and they can be themed with a host of different species too, including many that originate from the same part of the world where the Aztec empire existed.
These could range from tropical planted set-ups for species such as the Central American banded gecko (Coleonyx mitratus) and various dart frogs, right through to more arid accommodation for the Mexican red-legged tarantula (Brachipelma smithi).

All available now!

Look out for this major new product range in reptile retailers. The displays are mounted on very striking Sacrificial Stone bases, which feature the Calendar Stone or “Stone of the sun” which the Aztecs believed charted their destiny.
This Sacrificial Stone can be be placed vertically or horizontally and can thus hold the Natural Terrarium Small/Tall unit in the vertical position or the horizontal 45x60cm (18x24in) configuration.Among the individual items is Exo Terra®'s Aztec Sacred Maize Waterfall that fits the ancient Mesoamerican Aztec theme perfectly.

The cascading water here stimulates the natural drinking behaviour of various lizards and cleaning is easy, as the waterfall can be dismantled into two parts. A pump is included to provide water circulation.

There are other drinking options available too, ensuring the presence of clean and fresh water in the enclosure. The shape of the Aztec Frog Water Dish is especially designed to prevent it from being tipped over, and to avoid spilling water. It has a 40ml capacity. This feature also applies to the Aztec Water Dish, which is easy to clean, and the smooth non-porous surface will not absorb harmful bacteria. It is available in two sizes - small and medium - with respective capacities of 15 and 120ml respectively.

The Aztec Eagle Knight Hide ensures that your animals have a secure hiding place that will support thermo-regulation and hydration.
A proper hiding area is an essential feature of all terrariums. There are also two sizes of the Calendar Stone Hide-out as well, ensuring that your animals have secure hiding places that will support thermo-regulation and hydration.

The range of decorative items associated with the Aztec Terrariums.
You can create a Lost World impact, by combing these items, adding extra interest to the design of the enclosure.

All photos courtesy Rolf C. Hagen except strawberry dart frog (Dirk Ercken /

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