Top marks for FishScience foods!

Fish Science range
The varied range of fish foods from FishScience Ltd were trialed by members of the Federation of British Aquatic Societies (FBAS) prior to being launched. The foods, which included FishScience Tropical Flake, Tropical Granules and Goldfish Bites were used over a period of up to two months by experienced aquarists from the FBAS. 

goldfish The fish keepers were then asked to assess the foods that they had used, based on the following criteria: acceptance by the fish, colour enhancement, waste production and overall performance. The foods received an impressive 9.5 out of 10 as their overall rating.

Dr David Pool, a nutritional expert and a long-standing fish keeper himself, who developed the FishScience range of food, explains: “The foods were formulated to provide excellent nutrition for aquarium fish. Getting such superb scores from key members of the FBAS - people who really know about keeping top quality fish - is great news and demonstrates the high quality of the products.”

* Further information on the FishScience range of foods is available from and they are available from aquatic stores throughout the UK and Eire.  For further information on the FBAS and to find a fish keeping society near you, visit