Welcome to the World of Cats!

Although pure-bred cats are generally less well-known and fewer in number than their canine counterparts, they are growing both in numbers and popularity. There are now about 80 breeds in existence, although some remain very rare at present, and as with dogs, many are not recognised officially for show purposes.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

I just had to include this photograph though, of what is one of the most controversial breeds in the cat world. It may look like the ultimate devil cat, but in fact, it's a young Sphynx kitten. Sphynx kittenIt just confirms that contrary to popular belief, not all cats have to be cute to be attractive. Devotees of this particular breed, which arose originally in Canada, will tell you just what wonderful personalities these cats have, highlighting their intelligent, playful and affectionate natures, and how they form a very close bond with people. As they grow older, Sphynx do tend to lose some of their wrinkles - unlike their owners! - and will develop traces of hair on the extremities of their bodies. There is now also a very similar but unrelated breed of Russian origins, known as the Peterbald.